Aequm PTE Ltd. a company for small FMCG/Pharma stores looks at converting a cash based economy into a cashless economy. We with more than 250 stores (kade shops) in SriLanka gets manufacturers data online - knowing which product is selling in store at what what point of time.

Have you ever wondered how easy our lives will be when we have all our Morning to Evening needs at the reach of our hands wherever we are!


Yes, you heard right. 99RetailStreet brings an entire ecosystem to you via our various offers.


Our Ecosystem brings multiple brands at one stop; Enables you to pay your Utility bills, do your Telephone and DTH recharges, Book travel tickets, stay connected to your nearest retailers and distributors for your day to day needs and also enhances you with lots of entertainment gateways like your movie tickets, event tickets.


You let us know more of your needs and we will integrate and bring to your hands

All you need is a portal, a Log in id and a password which we will create customized and give you. Log in and start using our benefits and discounts via NEFT transactions to our company, card transactions or direct cash/credit payments with the same emotional touch that you maintain with the Kirana/Kade stores near your homes.


Our Ecosystem can come to you in the form of a “Kiosk”, a “POS”, a "mobile app" or a “web portal”.


Doesn’t all these sound exciting? So why wait, become our customer today!

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